who we are

hi, we are rich, anna, josiah, esther and samuel from Edinburgh, UK.

Thanks for stopping by.

On this blog you’ll find our thoughts on a whole load of stuff ranging from parenting, discipleship all the way through to craft projects and pictoral posts.


It’s a place where we share our heart, our journey, our life, our mistakes and the things God is saying to us. Most of the posts are written by Anna and some are written by Rich.


If you want to get stuck into some of our favourite posts this is our all time top 5:

1. May you- a prayer for my daughter

2. Building a Missional culture isn’t as easy as A-B-C

3. On family prayers

4.Where Emeli Sande and I write a prayer for the church

5. On not forgetting


And the post I (anna) wrote that continues to challenge me most personally is this one: Where I realise that reputation is rather like soap


thanks for reading!


One thought on “who we are

  1. Hi Rich and Anna ! I am delighted to see you guys to do this online.
    I am following your post and enjoying reading them.
    I’d be glad to help you out with any technical stuff on this blog, just in case, since this happens to be built on WordPress, which I work on all the time.
    Lots of love from Shagun, I and our 7 kids.


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