Building a missional culture isn’t as easy as A-B-C

written by Rich

Here are some of the marks of a M.I.S.S.I.O.N.A.L culture – can you see them in your culture or how could they begin to shape how you and your people live?


M – Missional Mindset

People who understand that they are ‘sent’. People who look to the Great Commission as well as the Great Commandments. People who live sacrificially. People who get out of the boat. People who take on the adventure. People who live life outside the church walls. People who recognise those ready and open to Jesus. People who embrace risk & change.

I – Incarnational Lifestyle

People who live a missional lifestyle rather than organise missional events. People who have mission at the core of who they are not just the centre of activities that are ‘put on’. People who share life as well as a faith with people. People who ‘live with and amongst’ not ‘minister to’ people. People who look to be good news to who or where they are placed – home, neighbourhood, work, nursery, golf club, pub, school gates, coffee shop……..

S – Scripturally Based

People who are grounded in scripture – reading, processing, reflecting, learning, applying, acting, living. People informed and imitating the life of Jesus in the GospelsPeople who can feed themselves from the Word. People who have the word of truth as an offensive weapon.

S – Spirit Led

People who are dependent on the Holy Spirit. People who are empowered by the Holy Spirit. People who follow and join what the Spirit is doing in people & places.

I – Intecessory Prayer  

People fuelled by prayer. People with a pattern of personal prayer. People with a pattern of corporate prayer. People sent covered by committed prayer. People who change the spiritual temperature through Intercession. People who win battles in prayer. People whose hearts are broken for the lost through prayer.

O – Orbit the Centre

People who live life in communities and gather together with the wider family for
Celebration. People who aren’t isolated from the resource centre. People who
are resourced, trained and sent from the central church. People who return to
tell war stories. People who are healed up from battle scars.

N – Neighbourhood or Network

People who know who (network – social, demographic, interest, ethnicity) or where (neighbourhood) they are called to be Good News. People who live out the Good news in their networks or neighbourhoods. People who connect with people. People who recognise People of Peace. People who understand and live Luke 10.

A – Active Participation

People who aren’t consumers of a Christian product on a Sunday. People who participate in the adventure & life of their community. People who play their part. People who ‘have a go’. People who step out of the boat. People who produce vision and grow maturity in others.

 L – Lay Led

People who don’t depend on Christian ‘super heroes’. People who don’t abdicate
responsibility to the pastor and staff. People who step up and take responsibility
for who & where they are called to lead & live.

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