a day with littlest robbo (in pictures)

My time of mothering pre-school children is coming to an end. Littlest Robinson starts school in September and so, after 8 and a half years of having at least one pre-school child at home, I’m acutely aware that this season is drawing to a close. I’ve written before on what these years have been about for me (you can read one of those posts here.) But for now, I’m trying to make the most of this little chabling before he enters the big wide world of school.

With nursery, my work, and toddler group, it’s not often we get a whole day just to ourselves – just the two of us. But last week a whole day opened up. The sun had his hat on and I had plans to take Samuel to one particular Sheffield park. But in the end his suggestion outshone mine and we ended up in one of his (and my) favourite places: Bakewell.

Bakewell is pleasing to me on lots of levels. There are quaint little shops to meander in and out of, a pretty river to walk up and down and, maybe most importantly, some great fish and chip shops. And its appeal for Samuel mainly lies in the long straight path along the river  – perfect for scootering on –  all the way to a fantastic park, complete with muddy puddles. So, for both of us it equates to a pretty special place.

There’s always fun to be had with this little chipmunk. I’m thankful for his kind and caring nature, his zany sense of humour and his many kisses blown through the air towards me.