happy new year

September. New School Year.

I have to admit being a little bit suspicious in years gone by. I’ve read the comments on facebook, or heard other mum-friends say in early September how much they will miss their restful days at home with the return of the unrelenting “school-run”. I never quite understood what they meant. I assumed they must live a very different life to mine. Because, in previous years, a few minutes of frenzy for the school-run was incomparable to the all-day-frenzy of having 3 kids at home all day every day for a whole 6 weeks. Give me the school run any day.

But my babies are growing up. And this 6 weeks has been, well, calm. And relaxing, and fun. And frenzy-free. It’s the dawn of a new era in the Robinson household. Hopefully.

I love September though. It’s brimming with hope, new possibilities and new resolutions. It’s a bit like New Year, except the weather is a lot nicer. I always start September refreshed, with renewed perspective, renewed closeness in my walk with Jesus, and a clearer sense of who I am and what I’m called to. It’s so good.

I’ll write some more another time about some of my summer reflections. But for now, “Happy New Year!”

Oh, and here’s a few pics from our holidays.

IMG_3370 IMG_3374 IMG_3326 IMG_3292 IMG_3280 IMG_3252 IMG_3243 IMG_3198 IMG_3071 IMG_3040 IMG_3031 IMG_2977 IMG_2857 IMG_2798 IMG_2738 IMG_2705 IMG_3364  IMG_2656