permission to lament: the pathway to praise

Where do we go when our hearts are heavy and our hands are empty? Where do we go when we’re “praised out”? What do we do when we can no longer lift our hands in jubilant worship? What do we do when dancing has departed and our only movement comes from our sobbing trembles? What do we do when Continue reading

What it’s like to…….

My head is brimming with questions. One question that regularly runs through my head is “I wonder what it’s like to…. (be in the circus,  live in the midst of war, run a marathon, have a terminal illness)”… the list goes on.

So that’s why I’m starting this little experiment. A new series of “What it’s like to…” which will aim to give a snapshot of “what it’s like” to experience a particular emotion, event or situation. I’ve asked a few friends to make some contributions which will appear over the next few weeks. But I’m kicking off today with something I share from personal experience. Continue reading