friday favourites – nineteenth april, 2013

I’m not sure how it’s come round to being Friday already, but it has. So, after an internet break whilst in India I’m back with some of my favourite posts from the web-o-sphere over the past week. Don’t forget to add links to any of your favourites in the comments section below.

Have a great weekend!

Why the Bias of the Gosnell Trial Goes Beyond the Media by Karen Swallow Prior – deeply challenging and deeply moving:

“Tribalism is a censor unto itself, shielding us from the truths we don’t want to see because doing so might harm “our side.” Wherever it is found and whatever form it takes, tribalism cultivates a loyalty to one’s group that becomes more important than the facts, more important than truth.”

The parent you imagined you would be by Reformissionary – oh this made me laugh. A lot.

Ministry strategy or my life by Gina Mueller – I found myself nodding in agreement with so much of this:

Rather than giving my students theoretical answers, I want to tell them personal stories.  I want to be working out these same awkward questions within the context of my own life so they can see this really is the best life.  I want to give them a life to imitate. I want them to see my inner risk taker – to see me trying new things to work out the calling from Jesus to go and make disciples.

Honest talk about marriage in the Middle of Life by Prodigal:

Does marriage get easier? Maybe in some ways it does. But the promise and commitments we make to this one person at the beginning becomes a life long exercise in grace, love and in transparency. Let’s move forward with grace and with honesty and perhaps we can walk through this middle of life with joy that outweighs the exhaustion.

Gratitude and Grief by Aleece– I identify with so much of what is written here, especially after our recent trip to India:

I had gone to Africa with the hope of making a difference, and yet God was using Africa to make a difference in me