it’s a …………………………..


I am sat in a chair. I hear footsteps padding towards me.

It will be Josiah or Esther, clutching a piece of paper. They don’t wonder if their dad is interested in what they have done. They don’t wonder if dad will want to see it.

On the paper will be colourful scribbles, a mass of lines, shapes, colours. A voice will say, ” Dad it’s a ……..  Elephant!!” or  Cat!!!! or House!!! or Car!!!! or Monster!!!!!

It looks nothing like a ……… (insert desired object here!)

I could draw a better one myself.

I could tell them it looks nothing like what they think it is.

I could tell them that I’ll do it with them to make it ‘right’.

But it is not about the image – it is about the connection between father & son or father & daughter.

In that moment their heart is open – I have it in my hands – to crush it, to wound it or build them up……

I encourage him/her – “that’s great!!!”

As children they assume their dad is interested – he doesn’t wonder if?  He doesn’t think he’s too busy, he won’t want, I’m not worthy…..  – sound familiar?

How often do we have these thoughts when we come to God? If  we come to God at all!!!!!

The joy for me is in seeing Josiah & Esther grow, their hearts, their
effort and the fact they want to show me.

I often dream about the future. What might happen. What God might do. What I want Him to do. What I hope He will do. What I think I could do for Him……. When we plan & have our hope & visions – they are like that scribbled mess to God – but he loves it!!!!! He loves our hearts, our hope, our efforts.

He could change things – he doesn’t need us to help – but he WANTS us to help!!!!!

It’s about relationship not results……………………

Posted by Rich