how do married couples partner together in “ministry”

There were times I’d sit beside Rich at the front of church biting my nails and wondering what on earth my role in all this leadership stuff was.

You see, I knew we were called to lead together. And I knew that although I could lead, my gifts weren’t primarily about standing at the front of church and leading services or preaching a sermon. But “the church”, and in particular the Sunday morning version of church,  doesn’t necessarily acknowledge, or understand, leadership as anything other than the ability to lead from the front. There are times when leading at the front is necessary and important, regardless of whether or not we find that a comfortable place to occupy. But what I’ve learnt is that leadership is so much more ………

This week I’ve written a post exploring how Rich and I have learnt to partner together in the things God has called us to do. You can read more of this over on the 3dm Europe blog by clicking here.