friday favourites

In my spare web browsing moments I love having a good read around of other people’s blogs. I’m intrigued by the glimpse a blog gives into someone else’s life, their perspective or their everyday reality. I may not always hold the same theological or life lens as some of these bloggers but I enjoy the stretch of seeing something from a different angle. I have to say that most of the blogs I read are by US writers. I’d really love to discover some more great UK blogs but haven’t found many. So if you know of a great UK blog or you’re a UK blog writer then pop a link in the comments section.

Here we go then.. some of my favourite posts of the week

Practice Being Fully Present on The Write Practice
This was a life- saver for me on Tuesday when I’d set aside a day to write. In a moment of distraction (oh the irony) I stumbled across this short helpful post on The Write Practice. The suggested exercise at the end of the post was especially helpful and I spent the rest of my day working in focussed 15 minute blocks. The result: a super-productive day.

My Peeling Facemask by Anna Burgess
Beautifully written post full of raw honesty and as always pointing right back to Jesus.

In which God does not want to use me by Sarah Bessey
I could post a link to Sarah’s blog every week. Really. Her writing is incredibly crafted and full of truth and freedom. This post is a great reminder of how we partner and fellowship with God.

And finally my favourite though-provoking tweet of the week came from Dickson via Nick Allan (@vicarnick):

“The real power of effective leadership is maximising other people’s potential, which inevitably demands that they get the credit” (Dickson)