the sword and the penknife: a tale of our life

We would laugh. All those years ago, we would laugh about the penknife and the sword. Mine was the sword. It was broad, sharp, well-polished and fixed on the wall like a fine decoration.  And his? His was the penknife. It was primitive, portable, easily popped in a pocket but used at every opportunity.

We joked about it. But there was truth.

I was raised in Church, fed-and-overflowing with large portions of scripture accumulated over many years. My “sword” was finely polished. There was knowledge of bible verse after bible verse after bible verse.  There were finely tuned arguments on every theological debate. But the sword was mainly unused, left in its case, even in times of battle.  Assaults would come –  insults, lies, false-beliefs and the beautiful sword was just gazed upon from a distance.

Rich, however, came to faith in his 20’s. With no interest in anything spiritual he’d never even looked at the Word. But when he met Jesus he met His word. And almost every word he read he used. The weapon, the penknife became lethal. It was unrefined, primitive. There wasn’t much of it but it would fight in every battle. And win, and gain ground. As the pen knife was wielded it became more effective. Now the pen knife resembles a Samurai warrior sword.

The Word. It’s not meant to be pretty and ornamental. A sword is not meant to hang decoratively on a wall. It’s meant to be used.

The Word. It’s Living and Active. And it demands a response. He demands a response. We’re meant to hear His word and respond.

And those two knives, sometimes they’ve warred against each other. But they’re most effective when they sharpen the other. Deeper reflection has made the penknife samurai cut deeper and more accurately . And the sword on the wall? Well, it’s not on the wall anymore.