our week in words and pictures – twentieth may 2013

First of all, a little note to the blog subscribers: I apologise for the random “new post” alert you will have received in your Inbox on Sunday. It was the notes for a post that I was drafting on my phone and when I pressed what I thought was the “save” button it actually turned out to be the “publish” button.

Hmmm, I won’t be making that mistake again!

Well, I really haven’t been very consistent on this “words and pictures” feature of the blog. But anyhow, here’s a few snapshots from the last week…

Saying goodbye and thank you to our wonderful team and family member, Helen Bearn

IMG_0358 IMG_0362 IMG_0367 IMG_0374 IMG_0356 IMG_0348 IMG_0343 IMG_0336 IMG_0329

Lovely day-off walk and coffee with Rich

IMG_0472 IMG_0469 IMG_0457 IMG_0444 IMG_0442

And a yummy family Sunday lunch together

IMG_0772 IMG_0776 IMG_0783 IMG_0786 IMG_0790

Have a great week!


our week in words and pictures

Here’ a few highlights from the last week…

We had another learning community this week, and it was great to have Rich’s mum able to come along on the Wednesday morning to see what we’re doing. Here’s Rich explaining the learning community process to her.


and a few more learning community shots with some of our favourite people…


IMG_9167 IMG_9166 IMG_9157

On Friday it was Comic Relief/World Book Day fancy dress at the kid’s school. Josiah went as “Flat Stanley” and also won a “Golden Assembly award” for sensible and conscientious behaviour. #proudmummoment


Saturday, among other things, was boy’s haircut day. In another life I think Rich would have quite fancied his chances as a hairdresser….



close-up shot of Rich’s trade-mark “feathering” technique (he-he)…


the finished look…


Esther went to a party on Saturday and came back as a beautiful butterfly. We’ve all been praying for good school friends for the older two kids and it feels like that has become reality, along with numerous parties to attend! Here’s the butterfly, complete with full-on-bling party-bag ring…



We loved seeing my old school friend, Lynne, and her new(ish) hubby Erich. I had a great time being her bridesmaid last April and they now live in Germany so it’s pretty special when we get chance to catch up in real-life (rather than over skype)


On Sunday the kids and I dropped Rich and another 3dm team member, Andrea, off at the airport. They’re meeting up with some other 3dm team in Holland to do the last two learning communities of the term. Of course, we had to have an obligatory coffee at Costa before we said goodbye..

IMG_9315 IMG_9324

And finally.. “packing”, in the broadest sense of the word, has begun for India. Just 11 days to go till our trip so with no visitors this week the spare bed is being fully utilised for the packing procedure…