9 things I learnt over the summer

I think if I could summarize my summer I’d say it was all about going back to basics. As everything quietened down I felt God beckoning me back to the simple truth of loving Him and loving others. Many of the things I learnt or processed weren’t rocket-science but rather a gentle reminder of what’s important. And what isn’t. So, in no particular order, here’s 9 of the things I learnt, processed, or re-learnt this summer.


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“Everyone has a story to tell” were the opening lines of my friend’s talk as she began to retell countless adventures of her life with the Lord over many, many years. There were ups and downs, stories of persecution and danger, of excitement and fear, peace and provision. And as I listened, all those years ago,I was certain that she had a story to tell but I wasn’t sure that I Continue reading

our week

I was looking at the strapline for our blog the other day: “life and musings from team robbo” and realised that there’s a lot more musing-posts on here than life-posts.  So for those of you that are interested I’m going to start updating in words and pictures what’s going on in our everyday life a little more. I guess this might be of more interest to our friends in various places around the world than the average viewer on this blog. So skip on by to another post if you couldn’t care less would rather read something else.

So here goes..

We’re in the midst of learning community bonanza season at the moment.  4 full learning communities and one mini one in a 4 week stretch. So life is full and good.  Last week we had the Fresh Streams learning community which was so encouraging to see how teams are moving into what God is calling them to do. On the Wednesday evening we had some of the delegates for a social at our house –  I always love this time to connect with people.

Here’s some photo highlights from the Learning Community:

IMG_9084 IMG_9086 IMG_9095 IMG_9099 IMG_9105 IMG_9110 IMG_9111On Sunday it was Mother’s Day and I had some amazing treats from my kids with some beautiful handmade cards. I love the originality of my daughter who drew a picture of the two of us in a bus.


When I asked her if everyone drew a bus for their Mothers Day day card she replied “no, most people did flowers and stuff like that but I liked the bus.” I like it too.

And this week we have Rich’s mum and dad staying with us and another Sheffield-based learning community.

My highlight of today is a little parcel that arrived for Josiah. In it were these two books:


The book on the left was my absolute-hands-down-favourite book as a  kid and I can’t wait to pass this onto him. And the one on the right is a new book that I’ll look forward to us reading together.

Hope that you’re having a great week. What are you up to?

2013: One Life

This year I will live One Life.

I will stop thinking that I need to perfectly and simultaneously save the world, be a great wife, a super-mum, write like a pro, be Mother Theresa, maintain an immaculate house, lead a ministry, be Nigella in the kitchen.

Many of these are components of my life. They compete for my time, energy and effort. And I can’t do each and all of them 100% perfectly for 100% of the time. Because to do all these things to the standard I desire I would need at least Continue reading