Lessons from Nashville

Nashville returns to our UK screens this week – YAY!

scarlett and gunnar


It’s cheesy.. and predictable… and…..clichéd … and I LOVE IT. Amidst the cheese there’s some, as Rich would say, “pure gold”.

So, I for one am excited for the return of the new season.

Obviously, in preparation for the new season, I’ve been reflecting on the last one. (Yes, I’ve got to have something interesting to think about when packing boxes.) At the end of the last season, the incredibly talented singer, Scarlett, who has struggled with the effects of stardom, is about to give it all up, leave town and return back to school.

Her on/off boyfriend, Gunnar, ends up playing a song to her, in a plea to make her stay, and to persuade her not give up on her talent.

She ends up singing the song with him.

It’s a beautiful moment. Really it is. In fact here it is:


I love those words he sings to her:

What if you’re just a vessel

And God gave you something special

Every time you open up your mouth

Diamonds come rolling out

It ain’t yours to throw away…

You know, as followers of Jesus we’re His vessel. A vessel is a container, and as vessels of God, we simply contain Him: we carry Him.

And He’s put in each one of us beautiful talents, gifts and abilities. They’re not for our own glory, but for His. And they’re given to bless those around us.

Those gifts are not to be taken lightly. They are to be used to bless, encourage, equip, and extend the body of Christ, and the Kingdom of God.

I don’t know about you but I am quick to dismiss the gifts and talents that God has given me, assuming they are not useful enough, important enough, or significant enough. Inadvertently, I can throw them away, tossing them aside in the insignificant-pile.

But you know what – those gifts placed inside of me… they ain’t mine to throw away.

They’re not mine to bury in the ground, or throw aside, afraid that they’re not good enough.

Those gifts are to steward wisely, to invest in others. They have value. They have value because they are God-given, and they have value because when invested wisely they can reap a kingdom return.

They’re not mine to throw away.

How about you – what’s God put in you?

Are you throwing it away or investing it for God?