news on our move….

Back in October we communicated our decision and call to move to Edinburgh, which you can read about here.  We realised it’s been a while since we shared how things are progressing with our move, so we wanted to share a little update here just to fill you in with where things are up to…..

We’re really looking forward to our move to Edinburgh and each time we visit the city and connect with the community up there we feel increasingly envisioned and excited for what’s ahead.

Our house is currently on the market and we’re looking to sell it in the next month or two and our plan is to move to Edinburgh on June 17th.  We’ve set this date so that that we, as a family, have a fixed point to move towards,  but this date also gives us the ability to say goodbye to people here in Sheffield properly rather than waiting and wondering if it’s the last time we’ll see them. We really want to celebrate our time here in Sheffield, and to thank and bless the many people who have been part of our journey here over the last 20 years. We’re really looking forward to being able to do that over the next few months.

We just spent the last week in Edinburgh getting the kids used to the area and also doing lots of driving round, praying, and checking out different areas within the city. Housing in Edinburgh is more expensive than Sheffield so we’re getting our heads round the potential of flats and apartments rather than houses and gardens! There are a few options of neighbourhoods where we could settle but we are still at the stage of looking before our house is sold.

If you’d like to pray for us we’d really appreciate the following:

  • Our house sale in Sheffield, and then the house purchase in Edinburgh
  • School places to open up in Edinburgh at the right time in the right place
  • Transition for our kids as they leave school and friends behind
  • Finishing well in Sheffield – celebrating, saying thank you and reflecting on what God has done
  • Wisdom for the right area to settle in Edinburgh

So, that’s it for now, but if you would like to stay up-to-date then do subscribe to Anna’s blog as this is where we’ll communicate our news.

Thanks for your encouragement and prayers; it’s great to journey together,  even though many are at a distance!

Much love,
Rich, Anna, Josiah, Esther and Samuel



4 thoughts on “news on our move….

  1. Thanks Anna for the update. You guys are brave!!!! Moving must not be easy for you, as I noticed from earlier blogs. So appreciate your honesty, transparancy. You set a great example what it is to be faithful. Hope to see you guys soon, whether in Edingburgh or Sheffield. Praying for you. Love, Hans and Jolanda van der Kooij

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  2. Thanks for the update, Anna! It seems weird to Sheffield people to think of living in an apartment, but we have friends and family who do just that in Edinburgh. The apartments there are BEAUTIFUL – high ceilings, large rooms, elegant exteriors; also the shared garden space is quite generous. I hope you find somewhere you all love!


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