My Void

Anna wrote last week about The Void. She talked about how in the space she has, with the quiet and echo of silence, she hears God afresh; that the silence and space is a gift to be received not a struggle to survive.

My Void is different. Anna & I have committed to a season where I am travelling for the ministry God has given us. There’s a lot that we do locally & together but the season we’re in also involves some travel that involves me “going” & Anna “staying”. It’s something  God has given us vision & grace for. It doesn’t mean it’s easy, care-free and all smiles but the last few years we have accepted the call from God to invest in His body across Europe & Australasia. It won’t be forever but it is now.

And so my Void comes on trains, planes and automobiles.

As I’ve travelled, there has been a ‘pause’ pressed on & around me. I am an extrovert, a connector, a ‘see-er of potential’. During my working days there’s plenty of that all that around me. But as I travel, all those are neutered. They disappear. There’s a journey – not an outcome; solitude & silence not relationship & discussion.

And in, and through, that space & solitude I have stopped wrestling. Stopped trying to ‘make’ it productive. Sure, at some point I’ll get a stack of admin done.  My team all know I’ve been on an international flight when they get a flurry of emails that arrive into their inbox at 4 am (which of course in Abu Dhabi or Amsterdam or Melbourne is human o’clock!)

So in my Void I have stopped wrestling. I have started to enjoy. There is a huge blessing when I arrive to coach & encourage and also a huge blessing when I return to family. But there is treasure on the journey too.

I have stopped missing and started looking. I’ve started not just surviving the travel but embracing the space; listening in the silence rather than filling it with noise.

And what always happens?

Thankfulness. In the space my heart always returns to ‘thank you’.

Thank you for Jesus.

Thank you for family.

Thank you for my extended family – blood & non blood of all ages.

Thank you for peace.

Thank you for His comfort, presence and leading.

Thank you for a God-given purpose in life.

Thank you.

When I stop running & shouting the small, quiet, but strong whisper of my heart is ‘thank you’.

When you stop the running, what’s the whisper of your heart?

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