Where I return to my Blue Peter roots

When I was a kid one of my favourite games I’d play with my big sister was pretending to be a Blue Peter presenter. This would particularly take place when we were baking. We’d measure all the ingredients carefully out into individual bowls before “filming” commenced (clearly this was before the era of home video cameras so I use the word “filming” in the loosest possible term). So, when everything was measured out we’d start talking the “audience” through the method of making cakes or buns whilst seamlessly emptying the pre-measured ingredients into the mixing bowl. It was the perfect activity. Really, it was.

Actually I hate cooking now, so perhaps the appeal was more about being a Blue Peter presenter than the cooking itself. My sister continued in her love of cooking. In fact, if you haven’t checked out her recipe blog I’d recommend you do so here She regularly cooks for large numbers of people (30 plus) so they’re all recipes that are simple, tasty and can be done in a slow-cooker.

Anyhow, that was a bit of a long-winded introduction of saying that today I’m returning back to my Blue Peter roots and sharing with you a few little craft activities I’ve been up to.

So… here’s one I made earlier. 

We’ve been wanting to personalise the office for a little while so whilst things are a little quieter over the summer I’ve set to work.

I wanted to go for a bit of a European theme to reflect all the countries we love and work with. So I started decorating some regular wooden pegs with some world map Washi tape.

Washi-tape is a new discovery for me. But I can see that now I’ve discovered it, I’m going to have to find some different uses for it around the home. It would be rude not to.






These pegs will be used to hang some little poloroid-style prints of the team onto some wire.



After going to a Decopatch party with Esther a few months ago I realised how much I like that style so we’ll also be decopatching  letters to hang on the office wall with various “european-themed” papers.


And here’s the finished result:




I’m looking forward to sprucing up the office with all of this!


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