Over the years, not only have we “acquired” three children we have also acquired a LOT of Lego people. And by a lot, I really mean a LOT.

So it’s no surprise that said Lego people turn up in some of the most “unusual” of places.

We have a game with one of our friends who always hides Lego people in various places whenever she visits. So, whenever I find one I’m never quite sure if it’s her mischief or the kids. But whoever it is who “distributes” Lego figures around our house  I’ve taken it upon myself over the last few months to take a sneaky pic every time I find one.


Liz Lovell: now is the time to confess if any of the photos below are your doing…. (my favourite one is the fruitbowl)




















I have to say that all this mischief has been put to an end now with the introduction of this:




A very creative and clever friend of ours made it for Josiah out of an old printer drawer.



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