the spoon

Meet the seventh member of our household. He sits in the cutlery pot on our kitchen table and is always smiling.


A few weeks ago we were introduced to the idea of a “spoon of thanksgiving” by our fab missional community leaders, Andrew and Lucy. At our family tea time gatherings they hold up a large wooden spoon and say one thing that they’re thankful for. And then the spoon is passed round the room and each of the children and adults give thanks for something (whilst holding the spoon.)

A few weeks after we were introduced to this idea my mother-in-law sent a parcel in the post for the kids with some little gifts from Kensington Palace. One of the gifts happened to be a little wooden spoon. Instantly one of the kids yelled out “it’s a spoon of thanksgiving.”

We decided to personalise our spoon, so Josiah drew a face and wrote “thanksgiving” on him.

What I love most about our friend, the thanksgiving-spoon, is that because he lives in the pot in the middle of the table, the kids don’t just wait for us to initiate a “thanksgiving time”.


They will often pick him up and offer up their thanksgivings spontaneously at meal-times. And no, it’s not because they’re super-spiritual. It’s just because the spoon is visible and available to them at every meal time, and they love to give thanks for something.

So, I’m giving thanks for the spoon of thanksgiving.

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