WordPress tells me that this is my 100th post. I can’t quite believe that this is the case but I’m sure the figures don’t lie. Whether or not it’s true I’m taking this opportunity to reflect a little, and to share some of my most popular posts. 

Although I don’t post here very frequently it has been a wonderful journey for me. There are many, many unpublished posts on my WordPress account which I don’t think I’ll ever post but they’ve provided a great space for me to process the wonder of life and what God’s saying in the midst of it. And for those posts that have made it into the public domain – I’m so very grateful to those who’ve read, commented, re-posted, encouraged or given me constructive feedback along the way. Thank you.

Anyone who has ever written anything publicly can probably identify with how vulnerable and fear-inducing it can feel to hit that “publish” button. But often the more scary it’s felt to press that button, the more it seems to have impacted others. It seems that when we share our hearts – our real, raw, unfiltered hearts that we somehow bring encouragement to others. Maybe it’s because we begin to realise that we’re not the only ones with doubts, fears, insecurities, secret hopes and dreams. And the one thing that hits me time and time again is that we humans spend a lot of our lives trying to appear more secure and more “sorted” than we really are! I’m all for God bringing healing and restoration into those places. I want that so much in my own life, and in the lives of those I love. But whilst that restorative work is still going on (oh, that will be the rest of my life then) I want to try and keep my mask off and be honest about where I really am. The church, and by that I mean the body of God’s people, was never meant to be about a group of people who thought they’d got it all together. Quite the opposite. It’s meant to be a group of people who know they haven’t got it all together but rely on the One who holds all things together.

So I guess my hope is that this space, this blog, is a place where some of that can happen.

Anyhow, that was a bit of an aside…To mark this centennial moment I  thought I’d share with you my top 5 most-read posts:

  1. Do kids ruin your life?
  2. What if we allowed our kids to be a channel rather than an obstacle
  3. Is your mission sexy enough?
  4. On parenting and foundation-laying
  5. 2013:one life

love anna


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