“Everyone has a story to tell” were the opening lines of my friend’s talk as she began to retell countless adventures of her life with the Lord over many, many years. There were ups and downs, stories of persecution and danger, of excitement and fear, peace and provision. And as I listened, all those years ago,I was certain that she had a story to tell but I wasn’t sure that I did.

But the words have reverberated throughout the seasons of my life since then:

“Everyone has a story to tell”

And eventually I’ve begun to realise that those words are true for me, and for us all.

In one sense there is nothing new about any of our experiences or the situations we go through, as the writer of Ecclesiastes says

What has been will be again,
what has been done will be done again;
there is nothing new under the sun.

But what is unique is the impact that God has on our lives as we walk through the situations and events we find ourselves in. The bible is full of real-life stories. Story after story after story of God’s faithfulness to His people, and of imperfect, ordinary people who walked with God and saw Him extend His kingdom through them.

In our imperfect ordinary lives each and every one of us has a story to tell, because we walk with a perfect, extra-ordinary God.

This fusion of the ordinary with the extra-ordinary is what brings power and impact to our stories.

Stories of lives transformed, battles won, forgiveness given and received, and relationships restored.

So what is the story of your life? What are the things God has done in and through you which you can share with others?

Not only do we have a unique story, we have also been given unique giftings for us to re-tell those stories.

Maybe you’re great at speaking. Maybe as you share your stories of God at work in your life with a group of friends, or even on a platform somewhere, your words come alive, hearts are touched and the reality of God at work in your life becomes everyone else’s reality too.

Maybe you tell stories through your creativity, through the pictures you paint, the photographs you take, or the words you write. Maybe as you creatively express the story of God in your life you reveal God’s unique design in your life and in the life of others.

Maybe you re-tell stories in a few quiet sentences that accompany a life of love and integrity. Maybe the few words that accompany your life speak volumes to the people around you.

Everyone has a story

So what’s your story, and how will you share it?

2 thoughts on “storytellers

  1. i love listening to other people’s stories and often feel priviledged when people share stories that are precious to them. I love telling other people my stories and trying to explain things in a way that can make people laugh or cry. Stories are powerful!


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