catching up on India

I’d hoped to update on our India trip along the way but as we only had internet once this just wasn’t possible. In many ways not being online helped us to more fully enjoy where we were right there in the moment. We’re still unraveling our thoughts and reflections from our trip but here’s a little excerpt from my notes made on the first couple of days.

After a three hour plane journey, a five hour wait in Helsinki, another 7 hour plane journey, a metro journey, an 8 hour stop in Delhi, a 6 hour train journey, and a 45 minute car journey we finally arrived at our destination: Selakui.

And it was worth every minute of every hour.

In Delhi we faced, and conquered, the obligatory scams from people trying to get a quick buck from innocent tourists. One man told us the bridge we needed to cross was closed and we “must” get a taxi, and another man told us we couldn’t go up a particular road because of a holy festival. I’ve lost track of the amount times I’ve experienced similar scams in India but no matter how many times this happens it always remains a shock to us trusting- English-types.

Wiling away hours on the train the kids made a tally of unusual sightings including misplaced cows, monkeys, water towers and stray dogs. Cows won hands-down with a total of 253 spotted.


Our home for these 14 days is set on a farm with crops, cows which provide milk, paneer and yoghurt for the boys as well as being sold to create income, and every kind of fruit tree you can imagine.

Compared to the hustle and bustle of everyday Indian life, the farm is a tranquil haven. Through our mesh windows we can see the Himalayan foothills, we can walk to get fresh water provided from the well, and can hear the sound of happy and industrious children all around us.


The farm is home to around 35 boys and young men, who are either orphaned or have one remaining parent unable to look after them. The campus also has a large school which provides great education not only for the boys but for many other local children too.

IMG_0055 IMG_0056

This is the little house we stayed in:

our kitchen ( we ate lunch and dinner with the boys so we just cooked breakfast in here)


3 happy kids dived into these beds when we arrived in the late hours. They love it when they all get to sleep in the same room.  Samuel loved his little bed where he could sleep right next to his sister.

IMG_9526 IMG_9525 IMG_9626

bathroom (in case you couldn’t guess!)


the outside of our house


Today, after a solid 12 hours sleep, our good friend Frieda (who set up the boys home over 25 years ago with her husband, Yip) made us copious amounts of pancakes with bananas and maple syrup.


We spent long sunny hours catching up with old friends, making new friends, sipping chai, lizard spotting, playing football and swimming in the pool. Below are some photos of our first few days settling in. I’l share some of what we did in the school and home in another post

IMG_9657 IMG_9664 IMG_9672 IMG_9673 IMG_9699 IMG_9703

IMG_0007 IMG_0015 IMG_0024 IMG_9477 IMG_9999

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