packed and ready to go

Finally, we are packed and ready to go. We head off tonight to begin our India trip. I have a million emotions churning round but mainly thankfulness that we are able to go, anticipation of what God will do, and a few butterflies thrown in of the unknowns that may be ahead. 


As you can tell from the bulging rucksacks  I have tried to think of every possible eventuality but in a place like India you can’t even begin to imagine every eventuality so I’ve done my bit and it’s time to trust.

The kids have managed to be a little more streamlined with their packing.

IMG_9407 IMG_9408

They have whittled two giant boxes of lego down to one small tin of lego
which has a set of wheels, a base, a windscreen, and a steering wheel for each of them. I’m looking forward to seeing what they learn, and what God shows them whilst we’re away.

Watch this space…….

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