our week in words and pictures (where grace abounds)

I wanted this little weekly feature to be a place where I can share some of the highlights of our week. But in sharing highlights I’m aware of how easy it is to portray some kind of perfect, photo-shopped, idealised life – the glorified edits. And, if you don’t know us very well, you may read this weekly feature and gain that impression of idyllic family life.

As I came to sit down and upload my photos of the week I was hesitant to compile the post. I felt that the photos of the week didn’t in fact give the full picture. The real picture.

I mean, nobody takes a picture of tears falling, or warring siblings, or of the small person with diarrhea.  And, let me tell you, all of the above have featured heavily in my week.

I made a commitment to myself when I started this blog. I made a commitment to write with integrity, and to be vulnerable in a manner appropriate to this medium. So, this week alongside the photos of happiness, success and fun I wanted you to know the rest of the picture. And I also want you to know that grace abounds in that whole picture, in that imperfection of everyday life. In those places grace abounds.

His grace is sufficient for me. And for you.

In my week and in your week, whether it’s been presented like adobe photoshop or like tatters and mess, His grace is sufficient. His grace transforms, and it’s enough.

So here’s the photo highlights – just a fraction of our week....

Esther was really chuffed to get “Honey” the school bear this week. Honey came in a rucksack with a change of clothes and a little booklet to write the events of the week in.

This is Honey helping Esther with her reading


And here she is helping Esther get to sleep


And here’s Honey meeting Granny Sue


On Friday Esther got a Golden assembly award (like Josiah did last week). The award was for her reading skills. #proudmummoment


On Saturday we had a tonne of snow. We braved it outside in the afternoon but in the morning we did some fun crafts (although Samuel doesn’t look too enthralled)

IMG_9382 IMG_9383 IMG_9395 IMG_9397 IMG_9396

Hope you a have a great week.


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