Samuel, today we especially celebrate you. Three years ago today, with cord entangled, you were swiftly whisked out. And those first few months you spent in evident discomfort; your tears bathed your face. We saw glimpses of your smile through your pain.

But through night-time tears and cuddles, clingy days, and doctors visits, you taught us to endure. In that season you taught us to love, and then love some more. You taught us to lean on Him. You taught us to pray, and then pray some more. You taught us to draw from love Himself. You taught us to see good in the midst of battle. You revealed our weaknesses and our strengths.

But we waved goodbye to those long months of pain and now your cheekiness is emerging and evolving.  Your giggle lightens our day, your soft hugs warm our hearts. Your boyish super-hero-nature fills our home. And now you’re teaching us what childlike faith looks like – simple, grace-filled, joyful faith. You teach us how to chatter with our heavenly Dad.

We love seeing you brimming with life and joy. Thank you for being part of our family.IMG_8609 IMG_8391 IMG_8398 IMG_7047 IMG_6588 IMG_5696 IMG_4058

posted by Anna

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