A Robinson Sunday tea-time

We have a little tradition in our family. We “borrowed” the idea from a pastor in Holland.

Every Sunday tea-time we pick one person in our family. And then everyone else in the family goes round and says what they love about that person. Now, there are some members in our family who understand this concept more than others. For example, Samuel (our two-year old) usually says “I love “insert relevant member of family” and then gives us all a big grin. He isn’t yet able to communicate why he loves that person, but he can show that he loves them.

But the older two are beginning to get it a little bit more, and they’re learning (at least in these 10 minutes) how to encourage other members of the family.  I love hearing them use words like “helpful”, “kind” and “funny” as they describe what they love about that person.

When we’ve all said our bit, we pray for the nominated person. It’s a special time in the week.

Some of my favourite times are when we have a friend joining us for tea. They usually feel so valued as we fire out our encouragement. It strikes me that it’s not often we take time in our day to say what we appreciate about someone else.  It’s not often we receive encouragement from other people.

Giving and receiving encouragement is a powerful thing.

It breaks down barriers. It calls out of people who they are, and what God has placed in them. Sometimes, encouragement can be an act of faith: speaking out what God sees in that person even before we might fully see it ourselves.

What are some of your family traditions?

Who could you encourage today?

posted by Anna

5 thoughts on “A Robinson Sunday tea-time

  1. love this! One of our family habits is “best thing worst thing”. We eat together 6 nights out of 7 with our children aged 10 and 13. We have realised this is a pretty rare thing as we talk with our friends! Going round in turn we have a definitive way to hear of the joys and stresses of each other’s days as least three out of the four of us need some space when we come in the door and another family member says “how was school today?” “How was work today?” We need space to chill before we feel we can run through an account of our day (except my daughter, who would gladly give it). Over family tea we can then pick up on what we can be thankful for together – or pray for grace to deal with.


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