the fridge rules

Two scraggy pieces of paper are plastered onto our battered fridge in the kitchen. Without fail, they always prompt conversation with any guest to our home. So I thought I’d share them with you:

These are our simple Robinson rules.

The ones on the right (the “eating rules”) were drawn up first. They were devised following one of Rich’s trips away. I’d been reflecting with him that I often found mealtimes the hardest part of the day in his absence. So, to stop me from going nuts, we came up with our 4 simple rules which we wrote and drew together with the kids.

Next, came the “children rules”.

There’s nothing particularly special about these rules. They don’t produce well-behaved children all the time. But they help the kids to know what the boundaries are and they help us, as parents, to be clearer in our discipline.

So, I’m wondering, what are the rules in your house?

Do you have rules?

What are your boundaries?

What would you add, or take out from our list?

posted by Anna

2 thoughts on “the fridge rules

  1. I wish we’d thought of your mealtime rules when our kids were smaller. My 8 year old still can’t sit on her bottom at tea time! I like your ideas. Boundaries are hard to enforce, particularly with children like mine who seem to have been born ready to leave home! I would definitely use your list for toddlers – the earlier you start the better. Nowadays, we ask the children to do the right thing and get them to think about boundaries for themselves. If you’re happy to accept that everyone’s an individual and can resist squashing them too much, it seems to work. I think, in a year or two, we’ll have to enforce a whole new set of boundaries as they have increased freedom. All-in-all, I’m not great at this!


    • Thanks kathryn. I think “values” become more important to work through as kids get older. Josiah, our eldest, has much more comprehension of values now and I can see we’re moving into a different phase with him now.


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