‘been anywhere nice recently?’

I am now sharing my time between a local role in Sheffield at the church and pioneering a ministry to train and equip leaders & churches.

I have been travelling this last week.

I have been in Helsinki teaching on a learning Community for churches & networks looking to create a discipleship culture, empower people to live a missional lifestyle and to move towards launching missional communities.

I’ve also have the privilege over the last 6 months to go away to Assen (Holland), Thessonaliki (Greece), Liverpool, Leeds and Copenhagen.

All are great cities and all have great churches.

All these trips have been special. It is a real privilege to come alongside friends, old and new, across the generations and encourage, edify, challenge and hopefully inspire!!!

It is a joy to be able to share God’s word with people – what He has saying & doing as well as what we’ve learnt from Him. It is amazing, inspiring & humbling to hear people’s hopes and dreams and to help shape what the future could look like.

Something special is happening across Europe – there is a change that is coming.

People are being stirred. Leaders are rising up.

God is on the move and people are responding…..

3 thoughts on “‘been anywhere nice recently?’

  1. So heartening to hear your news, especially about leaders rising up in Europe. Pray this happens all ove the world and God’s good news will be heard by all.


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