new beginnings

Some friends recently said to me “we don’t have a manual but we do have Emmanuel”.  That seems to accurately summarize the season of life we are in right now. On the 1st January this year 3dm UK went live and we now officially have a business. And now, as my daughter  says, “Let the fun begin”.

Much of what is ahead is unknown. Our heart is to play our part in mobilizing and enabling the UK church for mission. And although we’re not sure how this will all take off we know it’s what God has put in our hearts and so it’s just not an option to settle for anything less.

We have no manual but we do have something way better – God with us. And God in us. And so it is in Him we trust and on whom our confidence is based.

This last week the team faced some of the normal challenges that come with setting up a business and we are so grateful for the hard-working team God has given us – they regularly serve and give way beyond what we could expect or imagine. And we are also thankful to those who have gone before us in the business world who are able to lead and advise in wisdom and from experience.

We are daily encouraged by the opportunities and doors that God is opening for His work, and the growing sense of  family made up of people all around the world – our brothers and sisters in Christ who we walk this journey with – what an incredible privilege to walk together!

If you’re into praying please pray for us in this new venture – we would really appreciate that.

posted by Anna

4 thoughts on “new beginnings

    • Hi Debs, I’ll help Rich lead the team (apprentices and volunteers). I’ll also be helping work on the content – looking at the stories of people and key principles and how we share them well (written testimonies, blog, social media, website, resources etc) . At the moment I’m doing a day a week at the office, and whatever other time I can with the kids still being young.
      And I’ll still be out and about in our local community continuing to build relationships here – that’s also strongly on my heart!


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