you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone…..

Joni Mitchell was right!!

I wrote about this some months back but it is what I am thinking about so I will share it with you.

I am amazed at my ability and natural tendancy to take people and things for granted!  We were watching a youtube clip with friends last week. It was entitled ‘everything is great and no-one is happy’ –

It’ll make you laugh.

A lot!!!

But it challenged me.

Anna is away this weekend. She is with good friends of ours having a retreat. I miss her.

A lot!!!

The thing is that when we are together she’s Anna – amazing, loving, great, inspiring, challenging but also she’s ‘just’ Anna. It’s just ‘normal’ and I can forget all of this very easily.

When she’s away I appreciate her.

A lot!!

I have done more travelling over the Autumn term than I have done previously. The adventure and change is challenging and exhillerating but the thing this shift has done – more than anything – is to help me appreciate my family and all I have at home.

When I am away – I miss them. I appreciate them. I am sad to say that, in being away, I have realised what is at home to a new and deeper level.

What do you ‘have’ in the everyday, or who do you have in the everyday, that you take for granted?

Think. And then give thanks…………

Posted by Rich

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