pulling out all the stops

Anyone who has known me a while probably also knows that I’ve always been a bit grumpy about Christmas. In my teenage years Christmas day was a day where I would hide under my duvet and retreat from the world. In more recent years I have questioned the expense caused by Christmas which cripples many families. We have had plenty of years where we didn’t even bother putting up a tree.

This year, our Christmas decorations went up the first Sunday in advent.

One of the great thing about having kids is they force me to question everything – my motivations, my actions – none of it goes unchecked. You see, to them Christmas is a lot of fun. It’s something worth celebrating.

Last night we were reading some of the Christmas story – where  God sends his angels to the Shepherds to announce Jesus’ arrival.

So he (GOD)  pulled out all the stops. He sent an angel to tell Mary the good news. He put a special star in the sky to show where the boy was. And now he was going to send a big choir of angels to sing his happy song to the world. “He’s here! He’s come! Go and see him, my little Boy.”

Whatever the world decides Christmas is or isn’t I am clear what Christmas is. Christmas is a time when we remember that God pulled out all the stops. He pulled out all the stops in sending his son, and he pulled out all the stops in telling the world that his baby son had arrived. He pulled out all the stops allowing his son to be crucified on the cross. And then he pulled out all the stops in raising him from the dead.

It cost God everything to send us his son. He pulled out all the stops because He thought you and I were worth it.  

We can celebrate the birth of Jesus with or without Christmas decorations.  The decorations are just a kickstart to the whole process. As we daily look at the decorations, and as we start the advent countdown we are reminded as a family to celebrate him each day, and to say “We want to give more of ourselves to you today.”

The gift of Jesus is worth celebrating – how will you celebrate him this year?

posted by anna

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