“you need to keep your word”

I cried last Saturday. Surrounded by 17,000 people (mostly men) I cried.

Stood – cheering, clapping, excited was Josiah at his first football (soccer for my
American friends) match. It was one of the most powerful experiences – a moment I will never forget.

But I could have missed it……….

We live about half a mile from the ground. Cars park every other Saturday outside our house. Thousands of people walk past our front door. We can hear the cheers and the boo’s.

Josiah had said he’d love to go and watch the football. I’d said I’d take him – more than once. The problem was my brain wasn’t engaged with my mouth. I’d said it in a ‘yeah, I’ll take you’ way – the classic ‘one day’…………

One of the members of staff came to me a couple of weeks ago and mentioned that in the children’s group on a Sunday Josiah had said ‘I love football, my daddy said he’d take me’. He came to me, a man I hugely respect, and said “you need to keep your word”.

I shall be ever grateful for that reminder and challenge.

We did go. Josiah loved it. I loved it. And it built trust and memories between a
father and son.

What have you said – to your wife or husband, your kids, your team, your colleagues – where your brain wasn’t engaged with your mouth?

you need to keep your word”.

posted by Rich – with special thanks to Mark Dowdeswell

One thought on ““you need to keep your word”

  1. I can assure you, He will be the same just like his father if you made to much “fake promises”. Because my father used to promised me many thing.
    Nice, realize before its too late.


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