broken heart

I was just tucking Josiah into bed. Rich is away and it’s been a looooooooooooong day. And as we were chatting over what we were going to pray about he said to me “Mummy, my heart is broken and I’m a bit cold inside.”

My heart began to break too as I asked him why. He replied “Because I’ve been a bit naughty today.”

We talked about how Jesus would forgive him if he asked for it. So that is exactly what he did. I hugged him,telling him that God forgave him and I did too, and that he could go to sleep knowing everything was ok. He smiled back and I saw that he “got it”.

 He knew that he was forgiven

Earlier in the evening we had been reading about the woman who anointed Jesus.  Our storybook bible tells us that “this woman was a big sinner and everyone knew it. (It was easy to see – after all she had broken the rules and done bad things).”  She also “got it”.

She “got it” so much that she poured her treasure, her expensive perfume, over Jesus.

She knew that she was forgiven.

“This woman knows she’s a sinner,” Jesus told them. “She knows she’ll never be good enough. She knows she needs me to rescue her. That’s why she loves me so much.”

There is real freedom and peace in the person who knows they are loved and forgiven. When I bumble through life thinking I’m good enough because “ I keep the rules” I eventually fall apart because I know it’s a lie.

Tonight I’m coming to Jesus thankful  for who He is, thankful for his forgiveness, his amazing grace, and all the freedom won for me on the cross.

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