But this last ten days I have had time to stop.

To Breathe.

Time to pause. Time to appreciate. Time to pick up a conker. Time to absorb a view.

Time to tickle my little dimpled daughter at bedtime. No rushing off to prepare a meal for the evening’s guests.

Time to savour a novel. Time to talk. Time for laughter. Time to think. Time to pray. Time to be re-tuned by His word.

Time to remember that only Him and His word can satisfy. Only Him and His word can sustain me. Only He can show me the right lens.

“Without God’s word as a lens, the world warps”

The world had warped around me these last few weeks as tiredness and busyness crept in and His word was squeezed out.

And now I am watching impatience blown away as fresh grace and patience is ushered in. I am receiving fresh bread, fresh word.

Time to remember what is important. And what is not.



posted by Anna

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