These last couple of weeks we have had some very special visitors.

An old friend of ours, Si Ford, returned from South Africa and is our latest member of the family. He’s living in what he likes to call the “penthouse suite” aka the attic. This kids are very fond of him and we love having him with us.


Then we had “Uncle John” and “Aunty Hannah” to stay. We had a lot of fun “jewellery making” with them.

Shortly after came Grandma and Grandad Robinson. We enjoyed “biscuit decorating” with them and Samuel also learnt how to make a train track with his super-chubby-little-hands.

And this last week we have been especially privileged to have our friend from India with us, Frieda McRae. If you know me a little then you know the impact the McRae’s have had on me, but if you don’t you can read about them here, or about India here. It was so special to have Frieda with us. She met, and shared her story with, our community. We were humbled by her life story and encouraged to hear of God’s faithfulness to her in so many ways.

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I was little overwhelmed by the emotions that welled up as I said goodbye to Frieda today. I walked away balling my eyes out and feeling a little daft with mascara all down my cheeks. I will miss this little lady, and look forward to seeing her in India again sometime soon.

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