redmires, fish and chips, midges and friendship……

We have a great friend. She has recently returned home to the UK to rest up before returning to the mission field God has called her to.

Anna & I went for a walk the other night. We got fish & chips and drove out to a reservoir just outside Sheffield – no Starbucks, no restaurants just countryside – and midges!!!!!

It reminded me of a time, over 11 years ago when we went on an adventure together to Canada. We were attending a Christian conference and took a few days, with two others, to drive round Canada’s largest National Park. It was beautiful but also the start of mosquito season. Within an hour we had over 200 bites between the four of us!!! I remember sitting on a bench, itching and fed up – but also laughing our heads off at how random it was!!

This week we sat, just outside Sheffield, trying to eat fish & chips being eaten alive – that same itchy & funny experience!!

So much has happened in the last 11 years but our friendship has deepened, refined, changed and grown.

Friendship is laughing, crying, listening, challenging, inspiring, supporting, sacrificial, patient, faithful, kind and committed. We have walked through her tough times and she has walked with us through ours. We have celebrated her triumphs and she has celebrated ours. We have challenged her and she has challenged us. We have given ourself on her behalf and she has given herself on our behalf.

Her story is our story and our story is her story.

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