on blogging… and fear


“If you don’t want criticism don’t stand for anything”

I read that quote the other day and it hit home pretty hard. You see, I’m a peace-loving, people-pleasing, “live-in-harmony” girl at heart. And even the thought that someone would disagree with me is a bit disturbing.

And then on the other hand I have some pretty strong thoughts, values and ideas that can sometimes get me into trouble.

I’m going to be vulnerable with you so go easy on me. Even writing this  blog is a battle for me.  Every time I publish I know there’s a good chance that there’ll be a  number of people who disagree with me or who might think less of me for what I write.

But still I write.

I first started blogging three years ago but nobody except my husband read what I wrote. Nobody else even knew about the blog. Yes, I know that this defeats the  object of writing a blog.

But I was scared.

And fear is often irrational. Personally, the process of stepping out and publishing is as important as what I actually write.  It signifies that I am taking steps to overcome the fear of man. Each of us have that fear to a lesser or greater degree. The more room we make in our hearts to consider what God thinks of us the less room there is to be concerned about what others think. Often we have to take active steps to overcome it. We all know what those things or situations are where we are paralyzed by fear. They are different for each of us.

 I am trying to step out where I feel fearful. But I still feel incredibly vulnerable after the event. I know that the more I do this and allow God to be the one who gives my affirmation and identity, the less vulnerable I will feel. But I’ll never get to that place unless I take a risk or two.

I share this to encourage you to take godly risks in the things God calls you to do. (take a look at this story) My greatest fear is that I would reach the end of my life having done so much less than I could have done because of fear.

That really would be fearful.


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