When I think about seeds, I think about planting seeds.

As all children do, Josiah and Esther have just planted a few seeds in a plastic cup, put them on the window sill with a little water in and waited…..

As with any natural process it is not always uniform and predictable. Esther’s grew and the green shoot popped out and became a small
flower and Josiah’s…………well, it just remained a cup with mud in!!!!!


It got me thinking about life, about seeds and about taking chances. I love to ‘step out’ and try new things – planting the seed I’ve got in the ground and waiting to see………

Jesus talked about seeds but he talked about ‘scattering’ seed not ‘planting’ seed. (The parable of the sower)

In a modern day culture where the knowledge of farming is meagre at best we have lost the power of Jesus’ parable. When I hear ‘seed’ in my mind I see a tractor with a plough attached. There are uniform, parallel rows and seeds being dropped in a uniform pattern into these rows. ALL the seeds produceand the harvest is in neat, uniform structured rows!!!!

That is NOTHING like the picture Jesus describes. He talks about ‘scattering liberally’ the seed. He says “throw it EVERYWHERE“!!! He says that when the seed has been scattered some is lost immediately, some starts well and tails off either through depth of the roots or pressures around it but some……….produce a MASSIVE harvest.

Not ‘all’ but ‘some’ of the seeds …….

We are so conditioned by the fear of failure that we want to plant
1 or 2 or maybe even 3 seeds, in a uniform row and for all of them to come to fruition.

As we live, as we love, as we journey with Jesus and with others in family, missional community, work and ministry He calls us to scatter seed liberally – lots and lots of seed. Seeds of his word, his love, of truth, of new endeavours, of challenge, of encouragement, and then, as the Holy Spirit waters the ground, to look for good soil.

Don’t just plant one seed in a cup today, scatter lots of seed everywhere and look for the good soil……

posted by Rich




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