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Today we are nine. On 15th June 2002 we became Mr & Mrs Robinson.

I remember the first time I met Rich. We were both moving into a shared house and I was unpacking my stuff when he rolled up with his mum and dad. The first thing I saw as he unloaded his things was a collection of football shirts and a particularly tasteless pair of slippers. At the time he had some bizarre cockney/Birmingham/university accent and my first impressions were not good.

I blame Tiger Woods for how our relationship developed.

Rich owned a particularly addictive Playstation Tiger Woods game which we would play together most evenings and it was as we chatted during those times that our friendship developed.

My second impressions of Rich were a little more accurate. I soon began to appreciate his generous heart, bad sense of humour and love of cheese. But the things I noticed most were his passion for Jesus and his desire to bring the best out of me, and anyone he was in relationship with. I still admire and love seeing these qualities in him today.

His passion for Jesus and his desire to see people released into all they are created to be make him a great disciple, husband, father and leader. I am so thankful for him and the journey we have walked with Jesus these last nine years.

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