I want to share a story with you that made me cry…..

I have a great friend called Colin. I have known him for many years and he has seen incredible transformation in his life as he has begun to walk with Jesus – enough for numerous blog posts on their own!!!

I meet him for coffee regularly to do some mentoring & discipleship and encourage him in his faith. He told me a story this morning that happened two weeks ago. He had helped out at Church doing some children’s work at an event and had been given some money for his time&effort. It was a blessing to him as he hadn’t expected it and doesn’t have loads of cash. 

On his way home he bumped into a couple of guys he knew from way back, both are homeless. He said “Do you want to come for lunch?”. “We have no money” they said….. “No, do you want to come for lunch?”.

Colin took his two homeless friends into the ‘eat all you can eat’ Chinese buffet in town. The friends feasted together and Colin was able to pray for them.


How come those with a little are usually the most generous?

posted by Rich

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