stripy socks

I wish that I’d thought of taking a photo of Esther yesterday. My little 3-year-old proudly came down stairs with an incredible set of clothes that she, and her older brother, had picked together. Black leggings tucked into stripy socks that were pulled almost to her knees with a bright flowery dress and shoes that matched none of it. It was just a terrible outfit, but she looked beautiful.

Yesterday happened to be Sunday morning and I get a bit twitchy when the kids wear bizarre outfits and we’re about to go to the celebration service at church.

But I also get a bit twitchy about the fact that I get twitchy.

Does God really care what my kids wear on a Sunday morning more than what they wear every other day of the week?

I don’t think he does. And neither do I really. But every now and then I forget my values and think that somehow my kids are on “show” on a Sunday morning and feel the pressure to conform.

I don’t want to subconsciously communicate to my kids that going to church is some kind of performance rather than it being about gathering with our wider family to worship our amazing God.

I’m seriously underselling church if that’s what I’m communicating.

So bring on the track suit bottoms and bizarre outfits… All things bright and beautiful, the Lord God made them all…. ….and all that.

posted by Anna

2 thoughts on “stripy socks

  1. Speaking as another mother with a beautiful daughter who enjoys an eclectic wardrobe I love this blog. Thanks for reminding me to embrace her individuality and push me to see her and me how God see’s us! (FYI – you will continue to soph in her unusual outfits but I don’t think I’ll be joining her!)x


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