Do you like “interruptions” to your well-planned life?

I don’t.

But that’s not how I want to be.

Last week I was walking back from the morning school-run with another mum who’d injured her leg and was walking on crutches.  She had an appointment in town and was on her way to catch the bus.

Esther was at nursery and Josiah was at school so I just had Samuel with me and I was planning on catching up on a few jobs which is so much easier to do on the days when I only have one child with me.

I was about to say goodbye to her and send on her way when I realised that actually I could give her a small glimpse of God’s kindness by giving her a lift into town.

I had made plans but they were interruptible.

It’s just a small example but I wonder how many times each day we carry on with our lives and our well-thought out plans with our ears shut and our eyes closed to what God is saying and showing.

I want to so fellowship with the holy spirit that I can hear what He is saying all the time. Then when I hear Him it’s not an interruption to my plan but rather a continuous partnership and dialogue throughout the day.

If I’d have been fellowshipping with Him in that way I probably would have offered to pray for my friend. But that’s a whole other blog post……

posted by Anna

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