our extended family

Last  Summer we were blessed enought to move to a bigger house. We have five bedrooms and it means we have space for people to stay. Having visitors is one of the things I love most about our life together. We have had various people from  all over the world stay with us. People who are on the same faith adventure as we are.

Last week we had a couple of guys from a church in Norway that we’ve connected with. We had some fun time with them as family, went on prayer retreat together and they joined us when we met with our Sheffield based community.

The kids love the buzz of having different people in and out of the house and it’s so good for them to have so many positive role-models from so many different cultures.

 The Norwegians decided that they really wanted to bless me and bought me a very amazing digital SLR. So look out for some (hopefully) improved photos soon. Photography is something I have always loved and I am looking forward to the challenge of learning new techniques. I was so incredibly touched by their generosity.

Rich and I felt like our time with them was significant in growing deeper relationships. They really did feel like our extended family and we are thankful to God for them and so many other amazing people that God has placed in our lives.


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