what makes you special?

I was sat watching a cartoon with my 5-year-old a few days ago in which the characters were sharing with each other what made them special. All the children were expressing a particular gift or ability that made them special. 

And so I asked Josiah “what makes you special?”, expecting him to cite a particular talent or gift that he has. He simply replied “God”

Wow. He really has an understanding of what makes him special. It’s not   because he has a unique talent or ability or that he has a special character attribute. He is special, as he informed me, because God is his daddy who made him and sent his own son to die for him. 

My prayer for him is that he maintains that level of simplicity and comprehension of how his father loves him for the rest of his life. And I pray that I might re-learn and live out that simple truth for myself.

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