It’s a small world – and we have a BIG God!!!!


Let me introduce you to a couple of my friends, Debs and Anne Marie.

Debs lives in Perth, Austrailia and Anne Marie lives in Sheffield, UK.

Debs is someone I have known for nearly 3 years. I coach her, over skype, in planting Missional Communities (which she has done a great job of!) as part of her Church in Perth Australia. Their vision is to welcome newcomers to Perth and there are many internationals who move to the city through various business links. They also look to be good news in their neighbourhoods, create authentic community and support each other in sharing their faith across the city.

I met Anne Marie about 2 years ago when I re-located from my office to be out in my local community every Wednesday. She owns the coffee shop in Hillsborough that I work from each week – having space to read my bible, pray and reflect; doing emails; having meetings and chatting & getting to know the regular customers.   Over the past few years the coffee shop has hosted missional community gatherings and also a Christmas carol service!!

This week Anne Marie told me she is emigrating – to Perth, Australia!!!

I will be able to connect a person of peace from my local community with someone I am coaching to plant missional communities, on the other side of the world, that have a vision to welcome newcomers to Perth – it’s a small world and God is good!!

One thought on “It’s a small world – and we have a BIG God!!!!

  1. This is brill Rich and I love how God involves us in his plans for people in this way…it also makes me thankful for being part of the big family that is the church!


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