returning home

It always feels like returning home when I fly into Delhi; the haphazard layout of the city, little blocks of light and fireworks from ground-level weddings, anticipating the familiar sounds and smells to come. This time I had left my husband and young children at home. It felt costly but by the time I touched down on Indian soil I began to anticipate all that God had in store for me.

Every time I return I am reminded of what really matters. I stayed with my friends at the orphanage they started almost 30 years ago. It is simply beautiful, set on a farm, with Himalayan mountains decorating the background. The children live in small families with house parents. They work hard on the farm. They work hard at school. They have very few possessions. They are happy kids.

In the quietness, away from my own family and the busyness of life, I was reminded about the simplicity of the gospel. The simplicity of following Jesus. Don’t get me wrong, Jesus’ life was hard and full of more challenges than we will ever understand. Following him is not always easy either. But it is simple

I think the simplicity of Jesus’ life stemmed from what he told the Jewish leaders in John 5: “I assure you, the Son can do nothing by himself. He does only what he sees the Father doing. Whatever the Father does, the son also does.”

 This simplicity meant that Jesus had a steadfast focus: to do what the Father was doing. It meant his heart was flexible to stop to heal, to provide, to show compassion, or to withdraw from the crowds to be with his Father or with his disciples.

My most heartfelt prayer for many years has been “Lord, give me the eyes to see as you see.” I know that as I see more like him my life will become more simple and will greater reflect him.

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